My Ukulele Winter

Why I knew I had to do something to get me through another long grey winter in Lake WhaddyathinkImean. And learning how to play the ukulele was just the thing! Why just the sound of a uke makes ol’ Maybelle  smile.  And now I’m hearing it in tv commercials, cds. Why even Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam is playing the uke. That’s right. He’s got a CD out with just him on it, singing’ and strummin’ his four stringer.

So the first thing I did was call Kris Kadwell in Haliburton (he’s the host of a terrific music radio show on 100.9 CanoeFM called “Paddling Beyond the Mainstream” and a terrific guitar player to boot) and ask him what kinda ukulele I should buy. And you know what he told me? Go to a store that carries a lot of ukes and try them all. One of them will speak to you.

So, I drove straight to “Guitar Nuts” in Bancroft and if I didn’t see a whole bunch of ukes hanging on the wall.  Soprano ukes, concert ukes, tenors and baritones. And there was one that didn’t even look like a uke. It was made of beautiful white wood and pearlised like some guitars.  That was the 3rd one I tried strumming, and if it didn’t have the sweetest sound of all. Well, to my ears, anyway. And it felt so sweet in my hands. Why I just knew that “Pearl” as I named her, was coming home with me.

That was more than 3 months ago and it was better than a trip to Miami. What FUN, don’tcha know!!!



And never been one to play an instrument, it looked like one ol’ Maybelle wouldn’t have too much trouble strumming.

It’s been three whole months since Pearl  came into my life. That’s what I named my ukulele ’cause she’s a beautiful white wood and kinda pearlized, don’tcha know.  I I just had to bring her home.

And I’m having more fun learning to play her than

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