Case of the missing socks

We all joke about missing socks, but c’mon, where the heck DO THEY GO? They walk with us as a pair all the way to the washing machine, but only ONE comes OUT! And it’s not like one got stuck in the machine or fell on the floor and never made there in the first place…’cause we retrace our steps and we can’t find it anywhere!

Now once in awhile, weeeeeeks later, we might find it setting behind the washing machine or some place that makes sense once we think about it.  But, no matter how many times I retraced my steps yesterday, I couldn’t find one sock that just up and disappeared.  And I mean to tell you… it was not on this PLANET!

I’m thinking … maybe it fell into the future.

Oh stop rolling your eyes!

Why my late Auntie Fester used to say there’s so much we don’t understand and that one thing is that we live in simultaneous dimensions, past, present, and future.  In fact, that’s the excuse Auntie F always used for being late!

“Why I’m not late,” she’d say. “You’re the one stuck in the past!”

Now if my sock fell into the future, that’ll be a good thing. ‘Cause all I’ll need to do is to keep on walking, and sure enough… I’ll meet up with it again one day!

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