Why if I didn’t have a dream about Higgs Boson last night…after all the hoopla in the news.

He just showed up, kinda watery lookin’ don’tcha know and said:

Boy am I happy you found me!  But, boobie…I was here all the time. Vat took you so long?
Oh my god! … Nope, that’s the other guy.  Now maybe I’ll get the respect I deserve!!! Sure I may not look like much…I even disappear in a crowd…but once you get to know me, I’m a big loveable suck!! Sure I’m pure energy but I can MAKE ANYTHING APPEAR. Hey, the Buddhists knew about me a lonnnnggg time ago. You know, the wise guys who could manifest stuff that the scientists are just beginning to learn. What? You don’t think they have an AGENDA?

So, pay me a visit in the “transcendent” as my good old friend, Maharishi used to call the Hood…on your way out think of something you want…and SHAZAM!!! It’s yours, baby.

Check me out on the cover of ROLLING STONE. I’ll be there before you know it. Til then … I love ya, kid!

And then he winked at ol’ Maybelle and said: Just call me, Higgsey.

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