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I’ve got a new ebook, don’tcha know

Why I’m head over heels giddy because ol’ Maybelle’s got a brand spanking new E-book at the Amazon Kindle bookstore, don’tcha know! 21 of the Best of Maybelle’s Fireside Stories that were first published in the Haliburton Echo.  And I call it, “Maybelle’s Cure For What Ails You,” ’cause that’s what it’s meant to do. Cheer you up. Get your endorphins popping. Help put the whole pudding into perspective. And right now, you can listen to THREE chapters FOR FREE! Just click on AUDIO PODCASTS.  Naturally, all my friends are in there: Vilma Yuccch, Officer Stanley Penelope McBottom, Twindle Mumbly, Beanpole Starkman, Sybil Beaucannon Hughes and Bogart, my pet bear. So enjoy and …

…thanks for stopping by.

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