Fear of not being afraid

Doesn’t matter if you have a paying job or not. It seems to ol’ Maybelle… the biggest job we all have these days is working at not being afraid. Why every time we pick up a newspaper, read a news byte on the Internet, watch tv or listen to the radio we become one gynormous sponge for sucking up FEAR, don’tcha know.

Now the good thing is…we have a choice. We don’t have to drink it in. We don’t have to wear it or act on it.  And the best thing we can do is ask ourselves: Am I afraid of not being afraid?

After all, how many folks do you know who walk around all fearful-like about all kinds of things: the economy … ecology … taxes … nuclear warfare … and on and on? Probably most of them. Why, there’s a gazillion things that can scare us.

Do you ever think: How can I feel happy and hopeful when everyone else is eyeballing the sidewalk?  I mean, with all the bad things going on in the world, it just feels WRONG to feel GOOD?

Well, here’s what ol’ Maybelle has to say about that. GET OVER IT!!! You are meant to be here shining and the best and brightest and happiest you can be.

After all, do you really think you can help somebody who’s feeling down by feeling down with them? Well, that’s not how it works.

The best way you can help others and the world-at-large is to be compassionate, but not match that fearful energy.

Instead, the more bursting with the feeling of love and light you can muster…the greater the gift you will give to everyone and every thing around you.

So, just let go of the idea of fear altogether. It doesn’t serve you, the people you love, or the world.

Why, the most important job there is these days is … being love itself.


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4 responses to “Fear of not being afraid

  1. Jodi Pape

    Right on Maybelle. The Torah commands us to be happy!That’s the top of the list. Amazing eh? Strum that uke and make us all happy.
    xox jodi

  2. Michael Kursbatt

    Thanks for this sage advice and positive suggestion, Maybelle.
    Let’s try it out and apply your suggestion: Life is supposed to feel good, life is supposed to be fun, and we were born knowing this. As we attend to our daily lives, let’s focus on being light-hearted and loving, visualizing enjoyment, and imagining good things happening to ourselves and about (7) billion other folks with whom we share this beautiful, wonderful planet Earth. Thus, as we implement change with positive intention, we’ll experience the amazing good feelings we create with positive thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Predictably, we’ll attract like-minded others. Let’s turn away from the negativism being promoted by the mass media and unwanted conditions created by others. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and offer to others is our state of mind of happiness, appreciation, love and compassion.
    *The philosophy and wisdom of sages throughout the millenniums*

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I’m glad you did! Wonderful insights, Michael. Thank you so much for expressing it so beautifully.
      Boy it can be challenging letting go of old beliefs that don’t support the well-being of ourselves and others. But when we finally “get” that we’re meant to be here free of fear and negativity … in the “light” that we’re born with… that’s when the fun begins. … Maybelle

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