Look! Heroes in our own backyard!

I don’t know about you, but ol’ Maybelle’s gettin’ plum impatient with the likes of Tom Cruising, Angelina Jolly, and Bruce Willyuss gettin’ all the attention fer being action heroes in the movies when we’ve got REAL action heroes right here in Lake WhaddyathinkImean, don’tcha know.

Like my good friend, Vilma Yuccch.

Why even when she’s busy with her tie-dye sleeves business, she’s busy bein’ a volunteer firefighter. That’s right! Vilma’s got a walkie talky contrapulation stuck to the end of her arm. Why that girl’s on call 24/7!

Sure it kin ring smack in the middle of kissing her significant smother, uh, OTHER…Officer Stanley Penelope McBottom. But a call fer help, and Vilma’s there in a nano-second. And oh boy, is McBottom ever proud of her.

Twindle Mumbly volunteers, too. Why he kin be taxidermy-ing a cow when his emergency contrapulation goes off. And sure enough, if he doesn’t jump into his volunteer emergency ambulance right out back of his B&B and Taxidermy to take somebody to a heli-port or hospitable, don’tcha know.

Even Beanpole Starkman volunteers. Why every fall he drives his Tiger Moth bi-plane down Main Street in the Thanksgiving parade…as a FLOAT! And oh how the kids roar when they see a real live scarecrow driving it.

Then there are all those folks who give their time sprucing up the village with flowers, pumpkins, and cornstalks each year. Just thinking about all that organizing makes ol’ Maybelle’s eyes swirl.

And how about the Lake WhaddyathinkImean Leegion gals who make the best finger sandwiches and hot meals, cakes and cookies fer community socials and the like.

And the folks who sort and sell things at the Lily Ann. Who bring supplies to the food bank. Who paddle their canoe at the award-winning volunteer radio station in Holyburton. Who do a gazillion helpful things at all of our Lake W events.

And just think about all the Lake WhaddyathinkImean-tonians who play in the Wind Simfanny, the Swingin’ Band, and who act in our summer plays.

Why you shoulda seen Officer McB and Vilma Yuccch in Streetcar Called Desirable. Him yelling: Stellaaaaaaaaa! And Vilma forgetting being in a play and yelling back: Stanley, it’s VILMA!!!  The audience sure liked that.

And good ol’ Liam McDougal from the post office.  He gave Dustin Hofferman a run fer his money in Phantom of the Oprah. Or was it Death of a Salesperson?

Plus the good folks who make people smile at our Lake W retirement home and hospitable…storytelling, strumming guitars, or just talking to folks who have nobody else to talk to.

You might say, Maybelle, it sounds like practically everybody in Lake W is a volunteer.  And I’d be saying… it’s a real come-UNITY here. Lots of people taking turns being each other’s best friend, uh…HERO!

Now, if I sound a bit gushy it’s just cause I’m proud to be where the REAL action heroes are alive and well and living…right here in Lake WhaddaythinkImean!

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