Booga Booga, don’tcha know

Seems everywhere I look these days there’s talk about the world coming to an end. On tv, in the movies, the InnerNet. Even right here in Lake WhaddyathinkImean, don’tcha know.  Only thing that’s missing is frogs falling from the sky.

Imagine that…instead of Beanpole Starkman crashing his biplane into my deer feeder and wood shed, it would be FROGS!

Well, ol’ Maybelle LIKES frogs, so that doesn’t bother me a biscuit. What DOES is everybody getting themselves in a twist about it.

Now my good friend, Sybil Beaucannon Hughes, has taken to wearing a rubber band around her wrist. The kind that comes with yer broccoli, don’tcha know. Why she’s heart set on snapping herself out of dark thinkin’ right when it happens.

Yep. Every time she thinks somethin’ that makes her feel bad she snaps that rubber band and wakes herself up. Why Sybil’s whole arm from her wrist to her elbow looks like a bright red beef steak tomato, don’tcha know. But you should see her eyes – they’re a-shining so bright you have to put window shades on to see ‘em.

Well I agree. It’s time to put the ol’ Boogy-man in his place … in a poofy pink tu-tu, a red clown nose, and big floppy over-sized shoes. Get him dancing like a puppet on a string.  A string you hold right in the palm of YER hand.

Problem is … I know some folks won’t even try Sybil’s rubber band Davie and Goliath teckneek.  And ol’ Maybelle’s trying to figure out why.

Hmm. Well, maybe it’s cause part of our noggin tells us it’s wrong not to be afraid when things around us are telling us we should be. That if we go around smiling and happy when everybody else in Lake WhaddyathinkImean is walking around all sixes and nines … we’d look like a care-less fool about to trip over our own shoe laces, don’tcha know.

Why folks might think we were selfish, even crazy. And then maybe we’d start thinkin’ that about ourselves, too.

But then I’m a-thinkin’. What kinda neighbor would ol’ Maybelle be if I didn’t try to shoo that ol’ wolf away? That Boogy-man that says it’s wrong to be enjoying today, right here, right now. Our beautiful Lake W, the bluejays and the robins, the sky streaked with light. Sharing a laugh with my good friends, and with you, too, reading this…when the world’s in a stew.

Well, right now the only things stewin’ ol’ Maybelle are the black flies and skeeters. Do I want to be stewin’ about doomin’ and gloomin’? (Oh my…that rhymes, don’tcha know).

What’s that Bogart? He’s been looking over my shoulder reading what I’m a-writing. Seems my furry friend’s got something to say. Bogart, turn on yer thought/voice synthesizer tam o’shanter hat soze I can hear what yer thinking. Good bear.

Mama Maybelle. Just because a wolf shows up at yer door doesn’t mean you have to let him in.

That’s right! Why in the world world would I do that?  Oh, Bogart, yer not just a furry face.

I think I’ll buy some broccoli.

Nightie night.   Maybelle

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