Maybelle’s: It’s Almost Summer Paint-In & Bar-b-que, don’tcha know

Oh boy it feels good seeing the sun shimmyin’ on the lake…ice out, boats in…folks getting the tops og their heads sunburned. Why Sleeman McClerny at the Post Office got the skin on his head peeling just from driving his old Studiebaker convertible down Main Street.  But oh is he ever happy. He said he’s gonna do it again this weekend in his boat, don’tcha know.

Why even Bogart sits in the sun trying to streak his brown fur blond. He’s hard-set on looking like Brad Pitt.  Bears these days.

Ol’ Maybelle, well, I’m back a-digging in my garden getting dirt under my fingernails where it belongs.  You should see the ants.  BIG as Buicks. Why they could carry a picnic table away. And speaking of picnic tables…

We’re having a PAINT-IN today, right here at my cottage. Yep. Vilma Yuccch, Sybil Beaucannon Hughes, Officer Stanley Penelope McBottom, Twindle Mumbly and Beanpole Starkman are a-comin’ over with their favorite colors of paint and we’re all gonna paint my picnic table — all psycho-delic like. Bogart’s even gonna do some paw-in-the-paint texturin’ … kinda like the ol’ sponge technique.

Well, I’m head over heels giddy cause sunshine makes my whole body smile.  Why all us folks here in Lake WhaddyathinkImean are fixing our yards with all kinds of things. Beanpole Starkman’s outside right now hoisting a maple leaf flag, don’tcha know.  I can see it clear as day through my window… fluttering in the wind like a pair of false eyelashes.  Ooooo, I just got a warm feeling like hot chocolate spilling down my jammies.

Course I’m gonna treat my friends to some good bar-be-que after the paint-In. I got us some homemade sausages and hamburgs from Egbert Numble’s Meat, Eggs & Carburators, don’tcha know.

I got a monkey bread bakinG in the oven right now. And if you don’t know what a monkey bread is…think cinnamon buns with so much butter, raisins and walnuts each bite is to live for. As for calories … forget it. You might as well just tear off a hunk and stick it to yer thighs.

Yep, today nothing can get ol’ Maybelle down. Oh, what was that? Be right  back…

Oh boy, I don’t know how he did it, but Beanpole got his foot caught somehow and he’s hanging upside down from the flagpole.

Keep smilin’.  Maybelle


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2 responses to “Maybelle’s: It’s Almost Summer Paint-In & Bar-b-que, don’tcha know

  1. I love the way you’re reconstructing vocabulary. You might think about creatin a new dickshunary.

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