Fire! Fire! don’tcha know

Well, it doesn’t take much to get the whole volunteer fire brigade here in Lake WhaddyathinkImean to jump into those big ol’ boots and heavy fire-proof suits and hang on to the back end of a red-as-ever fire truck, don’tcha know.

Why just today, Liam Clerny’s daughter Sue Ellen Grace called him at the hatchery screaming something fierce: “I smell fire!!!” Well, no sooner did Liam hear that than he hops on his lawnmower and heads right over there.

Turns out Sue Ellen Grace had never used the baseboard heater in the guest room before, this being her new house and all, and somehow the dog turned it on, don’tcha know…causing that odd smell.

Well, when Liam sees the big o’l Lake WhddaythinkImean fire truck racing up, siren a-wailing — his pacemaker goes ballistic.  Buffed Bobby Stutter jumps off the back with an axe in his hand and t’other volunteers get busy looking to where they can hook up to water.  And meanwhile there IS no fire!!!

The dog runs out with Sue Ellen Grace chasing it with a spatula and yelling something about bears liking dog meat… and Liam’s being given mouth to mouth resurrection by Jane Southerly, the only firefighter with a 22 inch waist, don’tcha know. So he’s a-smiling!

And I get a call saying it’s a false alarm after telling my listeners ’bout the big blaze over on Upstart Road…so I get Nickie B to get me on air again real fast so folks won’t be a-worryin’.

And city folks think nothing exciting ever happens here in Lake WhaddyathinkImean.

Nightie night.  Maybelle

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