Maybelle’s Xlent Bar-b-que Adventure, don’tcha know

It’s bar-b-que season, don’tcha know, and it was time to buy a new one. Since there wasn’t much to choose from here in Lake WhaddyathinkImean with the only store even close to what I was needing being Pruitt Clernly’s Everything ‘Cept Bar-b-ques…yours truly recruited Beanpole Starkman to fly me all the way to the big city of Barrie, don’tcha know.

Well, Bogart was still fiddling on eHarmony…that bear has a one track mind these daze…so he wasn’t about to come with us. Besides, he woulda taken up a little too much room in Beanpole’s Tiger Moth bi-plane, don’tcha know, us needin’ room for my new cookin’ machine.

Oh I was excited, never bein’ in a bi-plane before, and it climbed into the sky so fast, I never even had time to be nervous.

It was beautiful up there … flying high over Lake WhaddyathinkImean, ice out, boats almost in. The lake shimmying  like a teenager’s skirt. Trees budding, flowers poking, squirrels, chipmunks and birds running, flying. I was head over heels giddy.

Then before I knew it, we were swooping down over folks’ cottages. Why you shoulda seen ’em. Jackets off. Some even bare foot. Washing cars and trucks. Airing out rugs. Pinning clothes up on lines.

And oh how the wind was a-blowin’ in my face. I felt so young and alive, I could swear my grey hair turned brown again, my wrinkles ironed out like silk, and my baggy overalls magicly turned into real tight form-fitting jeans, don’tcha know.

Next thing I knew we were flying low over a real cute country store called Quaker Oaks on Hwy 45.  That’s oaks not oats like the breakfast cereal, don’tcha know. And I just had to ask Beanpole to find a field to land in so I could stop in and buy some of their deLISHus stuffed green olives. Oh they make ’em with garlic and t’others with pesto. Yum.

Well, wouldn’t ya know,  Beanpole landed his plane without crashing into somebody’s deer feeder or wood pile. Seems he just loves crashing into mine.

Anyways … we stopped in and said hello to Mark the owner. I bought some garlic olives and Beemans chewing gum. Remember Beemans?

Beanpole got himself some real good coffee and a homemade fruit cookie. Moose was there. Oh not a moose-moose, Mark’s friend, Moose, don’tcha know, and his mother. What a sweet gal she was.

Then we were off again, flying high in a clear blue sky in search of a new bar-b-que.

What a wonder-full day it turned out to be. It wasn’t about being in Barrie and buying a bar-b-que, tho I did get a terrific 3-burner one, don’tcha know … it was about the adventure getting there. Sure does a body good to do something fun you ain’t never done before. And oh …

…the sweet taste of the day made our bar-b-que supper taste that much better.

Nightie night.  Maybelle

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