Maybelle’s Passin-over Xperyance, don’tcha know

Wel woodn’tcha kno I waz jest tawkin ta Twindle Mumbly bout this yearz Easter hop-athon comin up, wen my good frend Sara Greenbaum callz invitin me to her Passin-over party, don’tcha kno.

Butt Sarah, I say, I’m not Jewish. Wel, she laffs so hard I think the phones gonna brake. May, she says …(I like her callin me May) … haff the peeple comin to sit at my cedar arnt Jewish.

Her voice is full of smiles n she says:  Yewl come, yewl read with us, sing with us, diskuss with us, and yewl eat and yewl eat. Wel while Sara’s talkin kalories n the like, I’m a-thinkin she means we’re gonna sit at her cedar tree in her bak yard round a bonfire, don’tcha kno. So I say, Sara, I’ll breeng the marshmellas.

Now sheez howlin with laffter n the phone jumps rite outta my hand, klonks Marmalade my tabby kat on the hed, n she skampers off meowin somethin feerce.

So I’m hed over heels giddy with excitin-ment kause itz now tyme to go sit outside at Sara’s cedar, butt wen I get to her howse she leeds me to the dinin room, don’tcha kno, where this dolly lookin table is all set up with spreeng flowers n kandels and fresh vegtables n dip n kolorful plates. En there’s this basket full o watt Sara tells me r YallMerKaz …littl silk caps fur the men to ware on their heds, don’tcha kno.

Befur I noze it, all the gests r there n I’m a-thinkin we’re gonna do somethin speshel like dye matso balls like we do Eester eggs, don’tcha kno…butt insted we all take terns readin a story bout an Egyptian Pharaoh n the Jewish folks gettin free o him.  En then it hitsz me watt this passin-over nite is all abowt —over-comin r own neggativity, don’tcha kno.

Why thatz a reel good thing, I’m a- thinkin. I sure kno how angree I kin get wen Beanpole Starkman crashes his bi-plane inta my deer feeder.  Now I spoze thatz normal, butt itz not good holdin onta that feelin, don’tcha kno.  It kin nott up yer stomik like a broken septic tank n make ya look all sowr like.

Az it turns out, my frend Sara Greenbaum waz rite.  Wee ate and wee ate… n wee diskussed n wee sang.  En ya know watt? I’m all fur passin-over inta feelin reel good abowt things, n abowt all the folks arownd me, don’tcha kno.

By the way … Bogart (my bear) looked reel nice in a YallMerKa.  Why he even learnt how to say honey pot in Hebroo.

Nightie nite.  Maybelle

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