Friday Night at the Leegion, don’tcha know

Well, it’s Friday and I sure know where I’m gonna be tanight, don’tcha know. I’m goin ta the meat draw at the Lake WhaddyathinkImean Leegion and this time I’m gonna WIN me a stake!

That’s right.  I did a Astro Illogical readin and the starz r all lined up fer Gemininnyeans. We got a whole gaggle of planets huggin us… the sun, Joopiter, Murkery, and even YerAnus, don’tcha kno.

And that meens when Twindle Mumbly reeches his hand inta the raffel baskit, this ol gal’s gonna win sum steaks r hamburg r a roste, don’tcha know.  And I’m head over heals giddy cawz I’ll be abel ta bring it over ta the food bank and give it to naybors who needs it.

Oh n all my friends’ll be there…Vilma Yucch, Sybil Beaucannon Hughes, Nickie B, Officer Stanley Penelope McBottom. Too bad Bogart won’t be there.  He’s gonna stay at the cottage n talk to his new sweetie on eHarmoney, don’tcha know.  Bears these daze.

Can’t wait ta hear all the skuttle butt…see the yungins makin eyez at one t’other…McBottom goin all gooey sittin next ta Vilma. Sybil takin movin piktures o evry body with her digi-cam and o course, accidently fallin inta the lap of one of r Lake WhaddyathinkImean buffed voluntear fire fighters.

Darts’ll go flyin, popcorn’ll get cawt in bridges, and I don’t mean the kind you paddle under in a boat! And o course, good ol Beanpole will be flyin overhead in his Tiger Moth biplane jest to let us all know he’s up there protectin the village from alien invitation, don’tcha know.

Then after, we r all goin ta Holyburton for sum real good singin and fiddlin by the DoMeWrongs at McKeck’s.

Boy do I ever thank mi lucky starz!  Maybelle

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