Vilma Yuccch, Arteest at Large, don’tcha know

Seems everybody in Lake WhaddyathinkImean wants to be the next Vincentie Van Go or Pablum Pikasso, don’tcha know. Why even Twindle Mumbly tried molding one of his prize taxidermy bunnies into a potato chip bowl.

Now Vilma Yuccch has taken to tie-dyin’ sleeves.  Just sleeves.  All kinds of wild lines and circles in shocking pinks and greens, blues and golds swirling, twisting.  She figures folks’ll be able to wear their short sleeve shirts all winter long. You  just stick on the sleeves and feel yer temperature rise.

Why you can even interchange ’em.  Put one designed sleeve on one side, another on t’other.

Problem is…Vilma was experimenting with great big vats of glow-in-the-dark colors and leaned straight over a shocking pink tub, lost her footing on the wooden step stool Officer Stanley Penelope McBottom built for her, and fell head over bottom into her new pink skin. Now you can see Vilma from miles away…at NIGHT!

The good news is…Bogart got it all on his digi-cam, put it up on YouTube and Vilma’s tie-dyed-and-gone-to-heaven-glow-in-the-dark sleeves are selling like hotcakes.

See? You can never tell. What looks like a big ol’ nightmare just could turn out to be yer biggest blessing.

Nightie night. Maybelle

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