Vilma Yuccch’s Aunt Shlerma and President Obama, don’tcha know

I’m head over heels giddy cause now Vilma Yuccch’s great aunt, Shlerma Grizelda Yuccch (she lives in Forsooth Idaho) can see a doctor when she needs to.  And boy does she ever need to. Why everything that woman touches falls on some part of her body or t’other. Poor Shlerma looks like one big BandAide top to her bottom, don’tcha know. And now she can get fixed up real proper.

Sure enough it was Astro Illology that did it. Seems that feisty Leo-nean in the White House rode the wings of Mars that turned direct on March 10 and got his healthy care thingy passed somehow.  I sure am sorry not everybody’s happy about it.  But Shlerma and millions of folks and their kids were needin’ it so bad, I just know their hearts must be swellin’.

I do hope it all works out for every body, tho. Changin things ain’t never easy. But you gotta start somewhere, don’tcha know.

Which reminds me …I gotta radio show to do. That’s right. Stix Tooya, drummer of the rock group, Gastritis, ( Twindle Mumbly’s twin brother), will be my fractured, uh, featured guest. Why he’ll be improvising all kinds of rhythyms on my wash board, milking stool, and even the deer feeder Beanpole is forever crashing into with his Tiger Moth bi-plane.

Oh, and Bogart’s gonna play on his drum set, don’tcha know.  Such a talented bear.

Gotta go, and remember  … Behind those rain clouds the sun is always shinin’, and if you can’t see it, then you just shine in its place.

Nightie night.  Maybelle


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2 responses to “Vilma Yuccch’s Aunt Shlerma and President Obama, don’tcha know

  1. That was great, doncha know.

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