Reese, Andy, Willie, and Dwayne, don’tcha know

Oh will ya just look at those stars, all lined up for a whole gaggle of birth days today, don’tcha know. March 22 and we’re right on the bicuspid of Pie-seeun and the next one over, Aireeez.

You got yer Reese Withering Spoon who won the Osker fer playin Johnny Cash’s wife, June…but oh my goodyness, she was terrifik in Vanity Fair. What a movie that was. Took me to places in hisstry I ain’t never been before. And what a romancy story to boot.

Then there’s Andy FLloyd Webber. He’s a bicuspid baby too. And what a mind. Dressed a whole bunch o humans in cat suits, stuck a couple o songs in their mouths, and went laffin all the way ta the bank.

Willie Shatner’s another March 22 Pie-seeun, cept one with a toupee. Oh yea. I seen it drop in a bowl of soup when I was Lost Angeleeez.

And lasting but not least of all…Dwayne Shouldmore. Dwayne is Lake WhaddyathinkImean’s answer to Howdy Doody. They both smile all the time, have freckles on their noses, and wooden heads. Only diffrence…Dwayne is human.

As fer their horror scopes … nothin horrible bout em. Life’s lookin’ good for Pie-seeuns. They kin spect to see little miracles every day from today on-erd.  That’s right, don’tcha know.  So stop complainin’ Pie-seeuns. Every thin good is on its way includin this …

Happy birth day from me, Bogart (my bear), Vilma Yuccch, Officer Stanley Penelope McBottom, Twindle Mumbly, and Sybil Beaucannon-Hughes. Oh, and of course, Nickie B.

Nightie night,  Maybelle

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