Squawkin’ and Some Real Good Singin’, don’tcha know

Signs of summer here at Lake WhaddyathinkImean … wakin’  up to squawkin’ geese on the lake just down the hill from my cottage, don’tcha know.  Started at the crack of daylite and it’s still wakin’ up the village.

Now my Auntie Fester usta stuff her earholes with cotton balls the whole summer long. But I kinda like my new fangled alarm clock. I missed the geese these long winter months. Life is good, even if it’s noisy.

Here’s some singin’ that as my good friend Sybil Beaucannon Hughes would say is: Fab-u-licious!  Holyburton’s own rock celebrity, Carl Dixon sang up a storm in Holyburton t’other night. Why that man could power the CN Tower, don’tcha know. Thought his guitar was gonna fly right outta his hands. And his voice! He hit notes Ripley wouldn’t believe.

Well, Vilma Yuccch and Officer Stanley Penelope McBottom jumped right outta their seats and started dancin’ like there was no tamarra.  Beanpole kept buggin’ me ta dance, and Twindle Mumbly lit his shoes on fire with Sybil B.  The whole room was jumpin’. Good ol’ rock songs and even a couple of Jo-Annie Mitchell’s, don’tcha know. Yep, that Carl D sure is somethin’ special!

Too bad they don’t allow bears in that place, Bogart woulda loved it!

Nightie night.  Maybelle


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2 responses to “Squawkin’ and Some Real Good Singin’, don’tcha know

  1. How funny! dontcha’ know! Loved it.

  2. Well whaddya know, you found my blog. Thanks there Patrick. Sure am havin fun sproutin ideas in cyberia-space. … Come visit again! … Maybelle

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