It’s St. Patty’s Day, don’tcha know

Well, top of the day to ya.  That’s right, it’s St. Patty’s Day here in Lake WhaddyathinkImean and green beers are a-flyin’.  Did you know they’re sayin’ about 13 million pints of Guiness are bein’ drunk today?  No wonder folks look green.  And to think … it was the colour blue that first stuck to St. Patty’s Day over 1,000 years ago.  I guess cause there was no detergent or laundry mats in those days, when St. Patty’s robes got moldy and turned green, so did hisstry.

Oh brother! I can hear Beanpole Starkman’s bi-plane hoverin’ over my cottage. What’s that, Bogart? …Bogart, my bear is growlin’ at me.  Scuse me a second. Bogart, turn on yer voice synthesizer cap sose I can hear what yer thinkin. I’ll write down what he says fer ya. Here it comes: 

Mama Maybelle…St. Patrick’s real given name was Maewyn Succat.

Bogart’s such a smarty-pants. Gets all his information from Google, whoever he is.

Well, I gotta run. Vilma Yuccch and Officer Stanley Penelope McBottom are coming over tonight and I gotta put green veggie dye in the dip, don’tcha know … M

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