Maybelle’s 2nd day in Tinsel Town

Well, I started my day seein’ my old friend, Sybil Beaucannon Hughes sister Morlin’s personal trainer, Bob. What a site for bored eyes. My grey hair is turnin’ red just thinkin’ about him. Why he had me movin’ parts of my body I forgot I had. And real slowwww. Said it all had to do with clearin’ out the lymph nodes, don’tcha know. Well, he kin clear my lymph nodes any time of day.

THEN, Morlin and her pet cattle dog, Porky, took me on down to Venice Beach. What a place that was. You’d think it was Halloween. But Morlin explained that’s just how people dress in these parts. Sose we passed by wee shops, don’tcha know, and one was sellin’ botox treatments, and stuff that blows yer lips up real big. Thought that might be kinda fun. Sose yer truly now looks like I got two inner tubes fer lips.

And I even got myself a tattoo of a moose. Just wait ’til Vilma Yuccch, Beanpole Morton, and the gang up at Lake WhaddyathinkImean see it. I’ll have ta take my boot off, tho. Cause I had em put it on the bottom of my foot. Only place that isn’t wrinkled.

And THEN I filled up with tacos at Holy Guacamole on Main Street. Perdy darn good, if you ask me. What a day. What a place. Take good care and I’ll report back tamarra. Love ya, Maybelle.

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